Learn how to use FoodShiner ...

Since FoodShiner became publicly available in the AppStore from Apple in May 2020 I was asked similar qustions quite frequently. In these short video tutorials I show what could be done in FoodShiner and the way I recommend to use it. If a question is missing and unanswered that gives you a headache, please dont hesitate to  contact me, maybe one day a tutorial for this question will be here. 

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FoodShiner HowTo

Learn everything you need to know to start using FoodShiner efficiently and let FoodShiner help you to prevent food wastage.

FoodShiner 1st start

Here I explain what important decisions need to be made on the first start of FoodShiner.

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How to organise your home

How to organise your home with storages, substorages using several techniques available everywhere in FoodShiner. 

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Add products to your inventory

products can be added in various ways, using the barcode scanner, adding additional information for unknown barcodes and of course products without barcodes can be added too. 

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Sharing storages

Using FoodShiner alone is just have the fun. It seasy and secure to share your storages with your familiy, friends or roommates. See here how to use it. 

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Using shopping lists

not only having overivew of your food inventory helps to prevent food wastage, shopping lists help you even more. See how to work with them on FoodShiner. 

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Usage of SmartLists

Here we show you how using SmartLists can make your life much easier with FoodShiner - better overview, better food wastage prevention.

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